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"For a long time, I wanted to jump, and it finally happened! the best experience, ever! I want more! It gets in your blood! The team from Gojump is super; super communication and real professionals! once you're up, it's worth trying !!! Thanks Gojump !!"

(Adelina Acsinte)

"Today I have lived a unique experience, to be told over the years and ... that's why I want a great deal to thank Michael. Unfortunately, the emotional turmoil has made omitted this, as such ... Michael thank you for my heart because your desire to see your renovated apartment was so powerful that you gave me a super safe jump;)). Love GoJump!"

(Doman Loredana)

"Awesome experience, awesome peeps, loved it & need to do it again!"

(Tudor Popa)

"An experience that cannot be described in words, great team, guaranteed smile on your face minimum a few hours after doing it! Thank you very much, thank you team, and of course to Pasca."

(Mădă Popescu)

"Very cool .Thank you, team go jump."

(Casi Raileanu)

"Awesome Team!"

(Bala Silvia)

"Wonderful people in their opening parachutes."

(Vasile Stan)

"The best way to kick of your morning."

(Paul Pokorny)

"Once you feel the taste of the flight, you will walk on the earth with your eyes turned to heaven, where you came from ... and where you will always want to come back." (Leonardo da Vinci) "Thank you for my first experience in the air, I hope to be followed by others."

(Adelina Vig)

"Thank's for the blast!! When jumping my brain "froze" for a while :) thank's God you guys where there with me! Thanks for the experience! "

(Celia Craia)

"Aweeesome !!! It was one of the best experiences I've ever had."

(Bianca Maria)

"I also joined the Go jump community. An experience that cannot be described in words and has no comparison, you have to try to know what it is."

(Vali Vali)

"You are the best! You made my day guys: D Thank you and promise to come back in the summer!"

(Yvette Mîrza)

"Awe-some! To try, to come back, to repeat!"

(George Marinescu)

"An unforgettable experience and probably a new passion. You should definitely try it!"

(Dan Sabău)

"First experience of this kind ... but certainly not the last .... super boys ... and girls ..."

(Adrian Bărdaş)

"I want to feel the rush and laugh at my friend if he faints."

(Alexandru Cornel)