About us

We make the difference!

A wonderful view

Our drop zone also offers beautiful landscapes away from the stress of the city. You can find us at the airport: Siria (near Arad and Timisoara). It is in a rural setting, perfect to give you a unique experience. It is said that making a jump is like taking a two-week vacation in just a few hours. This is especially true for GoJump! Here, you are far away from the asphalt and the noise of the city. While waiting for the jump, enjoy the beautiful scenery and clean air.

Safety and comfort

Your safety is our number one priority and we will do our best to give you a fun and safe jump. Our commitment to safety is evident through our well-trained staff, the modern equipment and the attention given to each participant.

Individual attention

GoJump is intentionally made up of a small number of people with a family-like staff, which means we can give you the individual attention that will make your experience a life-long reminder. We stay small and focus on the individual to enable our staff to help you get the best results. We realize that you are here to have a wonderful time and our job is to do this!

The TSPC is a properly registered sport club dedicated to the development of Skydiving as a sport in Romania and we welcome everybody.

All jumpers are required to join the club and pay a contribution to facilitate the smooth running of the club (usually on a jump by jump basis).

We jump most weekends throughout the Summer months.

Email: office@gojump.ro

We are located on the airstrip at:

Sanmihaiu German


45.70372, 21.05524

Google maps: Sanmihaiu German 307381